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  • What is a lift?

      Hillside lifts are also known as hillside elevators, incline elevators, funicular railways, cable cars, hill climbers, and trams.

About Us

Cottage Lifts Enterprises' parent company, Mobile Millwright Service, was incorporated in the spring of 1990. Originally doing machinery repairs, the company started repairing hillside lifts. One day, while working on a lift, the neighbour came to watch and happened to mention that he would like a lift, but no-one locally was building them. A seed was planted and all the good points of the different lifts were incorporated into the first lift made by Mobile Millwright Service. From that point the company grew to making and installing 10 or 12 lifts a year. Lifts made by us can be found in the Smokey Mountains of Georgia and the Finger Lakes of New York, with the majority of lifts at home in Muskoka, Ontario, and nearby Georgian Bay.

From that day the company has been constantly fine tuning and developing new lift systems, from small cargo lifts to vertical lifts and dumbwaiters. We have designed, built, and installed a computer-controlled dumbwaiter to shuttle coffee and meals up three decks to the wheelhouse of the Wenonah II, a modern boat on the Muskoka Lakes built in the style of a turn of the century steamship. A few years ago we shipped a "Do-It-Yourself" lift to Goose Bay, Labrador, and the customer installed it himself, but the majority of our lifts are installed by our expert installers. We recently perfected and patented a lift that will be the first of its type to follow the terrain, thus eliminating the "thrilling" heights some lifts need to be built at to get over the rocks and valleys.

Of course, safety has always been our number one concern, and our lifts have as many as four independent safety controls that allow the operator to have complete command at all times. We have developed an emergency brake that, when tripped, will stop the car within one-eighth of an inch. With the superior design of the lift and numerous safety features the customer will have the peace of mind knowing it's safe. Our lifts have an outstanding safety record and have never had an incident in the history of the company.

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