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  • What is a lift?

      Hillside lifts are also known as hillside elevators, incline elevators, funicular railways, cable cars, hill climbers, and trams.

Lift Options

We manufacture all types of lifts, from the most luxurious turn-key operation to the inexpensive Do-It-Yourself tramway. Let your imagination be your guide. We have been manufacturing lifts for fifteen years, and in that time we have made lifts that will carry six people and lifts that will carry three hundred pounds of luggage and water bottles. We have lifts that will land flush with your dock so that you can wheel a wheelchair out level. Customers have used our lifts to carry material to build or renovate their cottage. Our lifts are so reliable that one customer never did put stairs down to the water, saving an enormous amount of money.

There are many options available when designing your custom lift. We have broken it down into various models.

Standard Lift

  • 750 lbs capacity
  • 2 person car
  • Cedar finish on seat, back, and floor
  • Stationary control panels
  • Manual emergency stop
  • Professional installation or Do-It-Yourself option

Upgrade Lift

  • 750 lbs capacity
  • 4 person car
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Cedar clad car
  • Keyed switch stations and remote control
  • Governor operated emergency stop
  • Professional installation

Custom Personal Lift

  • 300-750 lbs capacity
  • 1-4 person car
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Paint to match landscape or colour scheme
  • Various car finishes - cedar, steel, expanded metal, composite
  • Any length, any incline
  • Canopy available - plexi glass, canvas
  • Remote control or stationary controls
  • Keyed switch stations
  • Manual emergency stop or governor operated emergency stop
  • Professional installation

Cargo Lift

  • 300-1000 lbs capacity
  • Stationary control panels
  • Professional installation

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your very own custom cottage lift. The perfect solution for travel between the cottage and the water.

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